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Since 1997, Michele has offered classes for beginners as well as more experienced students. In an academic as well as social context, she provides a learning experience that is informative, supportive and fun. Classes include introductory, still life, landscape as well as personal project classes for the more advanced. She offers plein air and color theory classes as well.

“The focus of my classes are to empower students. I provide the support and guidance that gives students the confidence to find their own artistic voice. I like to think of my classes as a resource for the hobbyist as well as those looking to build a solid foundation for future endeavors.”

The “You Name It” Oil Painting - 6 week classes

This class is all about you whether you just want to tweak your skills, learn more about color theory or incorporate a fresh approach to your painting. You’ll have an opportunity to stimulate those creative juices and add meaningful information and skills to your arsenal of creative resources. If you like a fun and supportive environment in which to learn this class is for you.

Intermediate Oil Painting - 6 week classes

This class introduces the classic master’s approach to creating a painting. Emphasis is on the control of values through the creation of an underpainting for support throughout the project. Concentration is focused on the observation and painting of light and shadow as it describes the form. Through the employment of the underpainting process the student will develop a heightened awareness of values and their importance in creating a successful painting.      

Personal Project Oil Painting (Prerequisite: Intermediate Oil Painting) - 6 week classes

This class continues personal development of individual artistic styles, techniques, and abilities. Through the study and execution of still life, landscape or master’s works the student will expand their knowledge and experience in oil painting in a structured setting.

Plein Air Painting - Classroom Orientation and Outdoor sessions

This class takes an in depth look at the specialized equipment necessary for painting in the field. It further explores the challenges of creating depth and atmosphere in landscape painting and provides strategies necessary for successful outdoor painting.

For more information call Michele at 772-8387

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